John Jones’ Funeral Director’s Book

Bartow County 1926 -1933
Microfilm Reel SHC-081
Pages 1 -72
Transcribed by   2007
Note:  NG = Not Given
Page #
Name Race Date of Death Place of Funeral Where Interred Age Occup. Marital Status Birthplace Place of Death Mother's
Name & Birthplace
Father's Name & Birthplace Obit Cause of Death Miscellaneous Notes
49 Allen, Ruby Colored 10-21-1927 Cartersville Oak Hill 5mo None Single Bartow, GA Cartersville Pearl Strickland; Bartow, GA Jonas Allen; Bartow, GA No NG  
Andrews, Sarah White 8/29/1926 Emerson Emerson 91 NG Widow Dawson, GA Cartersville Rachel; Georgia Dave Quarles; GA No Paralysis Husband, Jim Andrews, died Oct 22nd, 1924; Children: Mrs. Henry Bennett (8 children), Mrs. Arthur Smith (2 Children), Mrs. Charlie Harvie, Mr. George Andrews
51 Applie?, Julia Colored 11-21-1927 Baptist Church Cassville About 50 Farming Married Cherokee, GA Cass Station Don't Know Collins No Pneumonia Belongs to the Court of the Masonic Order
Armstrong, Jane Colored 8/5/1926 Bartow Bartow NG NG Married NG Bartow NG   No NG Husband's Name Richard
Banks, Sarah Colored 4/3/1927 Emerson Church Pucketts 39y, 9mo, 17d NG Married Bartow, GA Emerson Ellen Haley Fowler; Bartow, GA Lewis Fowler No T. B. Husband, Charlie Banks
48 Beavers, Hattie May Colored 10-16-1927 Cassville Church Cassville About 32 (82?) Housewife Married Bartow, GA Cassville Almmo? Benham; Bartow, GA Teamuns? Ryley; Bartow, GA No Blood vessel rupture in leg Husband, Charlie Beavers;
Bohannon, Lillie ? 9/19/1926 Center Church Center 21y, 2mo, 8d NG Married Wolf, KY Cartersville Rosy Perdew; Lee, KY Howard Sheffield; Breathett, KY Yes Childbirth Husband, Dock Bohannon; Daughter, a few hours old, buried with mother
40 Bohannon, Lucy White 8-1-1927 Center, GA Center 52y, 2mo, 2d Housewife Married Cherokee, GA Center, GA Mat. Higgins; Cherokee, GA Wm. Higgins; Forsyth, GA No Paralysis Husband, Wm. E. Bohannon; Children: Walter, married Cherokee, GA; David, married, Cartersville; James, married Cartersville; Dock, Lou,Clifton,Martha, all of age, single, Cartersville. 24 yrs member Baptist Church at Center.
53 Branton, Beatrice Romaine White 12-22-1927 Stamp Creek Church Stamp Creek 3d NG Single Bartow, GA White, GA Miriam Byers; Bartow, GA Carrol Branton; Bartow, GA Yes Found Dead 4 living children: 2 boys, 2 girls
Brown, Annie Colored 4/31/1927 Raccoon Church Raccoon 37 NG NG NG Chattanooga NG NG No Entercolitis  
Brown, Lewis White 4/10/1927 Raccoon Church Raccoon 11 mo, 18d None Single NG Cartersville Racinorth (?) Cochran; Paulding GA Jim H. Brown; Paulding, GA No Pneumonia Jim Brown & wife, 7 living children; W. C. Cochran, father of Mrs. Cochran
50 Bruce, Alva Ruth White 11-11-1927 Residence of ? Oak Hill 4y, 8mo, 11d NG NG Bartow, GA Dixie Highway Cony? Pinion; Bartow, GA Clarence Bruce; Bartow, GA Yes Lobar pneumonia  
Bryant, Jim Colored 9/19/1926 Grassdale Grassdale 60 Farmer Married Bartow, GA White, GA Harriett Bryant Jim Henderson No Killed by Train Two sons, Lee and Lewis
Burns, Vernon (Smith) White 5/1/1927 Cross Roads Church Cross Roads 18 NG Married Bartow, GA West Ave. Leola Burns; Bartow, GA Jim Smith; AL No Typhoid fever Married Pearl Woodall about 1 year ago; 1 child, Mary Frances
52 Chastain, Jayson Franklin White 11-24-1927 Kennesaw Kennesaw 74y, 3mo, 14d NG Married Fanning Co. Kennesaw Martha Cowart; NC William Chastain; NC Yes Paralysis Wife is Mary Ann (Falls) Chastain; 6 children: Mrs Lillie Matthews, City; Mrs Ella Tarpley, New Holland; Homer , City; Arthur, Marietta; Mrs Rosa Hunt, Marietta; Mrs Jamie Alsobrooks, Waldon Creek, KY; 1 sister, dead; 7 brothers: 4 died in the Civil War, 3 died since; family of 9 last child
Cochran, Dock Lewis White 8/5/1926 Harmony Grove Harmony Grove 78y, 1mo, 22d NG Widower Dawson, GA NG NG John Cochran; SC Yes NG  
41 Conaway, Harley Eugene White 9-9-1927 Kingston Kingston 1 mo None Single Bartow, GA Gillam Springs Venice Chandley; Walker, GA John Conaway; Cherokee, AL Yes NG  
46 Copeland, Elmira Unk 10-14-1927 Mt Zion Oak Hill NG NG Widow NG Lee Street Angelene (Peacock); Jack Burge; Bartow, GA No NG Husband, Bloom Copeland; Embalmed by Carnes; Carnes in charge of funeral
Durham, Sarah Colored 7/8/1927 Grassdale Grassdale 23y, 5mo, 29d NG Single Bartow, GA Benham Farm Violett Guyton; Bartow, GA John Durham; Grassdale, GA No TB  
61 Earls, Wm. (Bud) Colored 1-22-1928 Bartow Bartow 57 NG Married Bartow, GA Bartow, GA Don't Know Jerry Earls; Bartow, GA No Flu & high blood pressure  
47 Earwood, Ed Warren White 10-15-1927 Raccoon Raccoon About 46 NG Married NG Cartersville NG Geo. Earwood of Stilesboro No NG Brothers: Roland, Stilesboro; Jessie, Paris, TX; Mrs. Nannie Sanford, Acworth; Wife; Miss Nara Sanford (24);John Earwood (22); Willie Earwood (20); Claudie Earwood (18); Raymond Earwood (16); Ambers Earwood (14)
Echols, Charles, Alexander Colored 9/30/1926 Acworth Cemetery Acworth 69y, 9mo, 5d Mining Widower Walton, GA Cartersville Sarah; GA Chas ( Echols) Henderson, GA No NG Names listed, relationship not given: Arthur Echols, Acworth; Washington Echols, Louisville, KY; Roy Echols, Indianapolis, IN; Watson Echols, Dallas; Loucile Bryant, Chicago; Ronna Lee Harry (?), Indianaplois, IN; Wyatt Echols, Chattanooga;Howard Echols, City; Magadlein Bryant, City; Loyd (?) Echols, Indianapolis; Milton Echols, City; Geo Leeman Echols, City; James Johnson Echols, City.
Evans, Addie Rosie White 1/21/1927 Xroads Cross Roads 51y, 3mo, 29d House wife Married Bartow, GA Fern St. Elzie Southerland; SC Frank J. Bell; Bartow, GA No Brights Disease Husband, W. W. Evans; born Sept. 23, 1875; paralyzed Nov. 1924; 2 sons, Claud and John; daughter Miss Pearl Evans; 5 sisters and 2 brothers
55 Fields, Henry Colored 1-6-1928 Pucketts Cemetery Pucketts Cemetery About 44 Mining Married Bartow, GA Emerson Charlotte King; GA Caesar Fields; Bartow, GA No TB Policy with New Salem Lodge #11, Emerson, GA; Payable to wife Cary Fields
Fowler, John Colored 3/10/1927 At house Bartow 43 Laborer Married Bartow, GA 1 mile S. of Emerson Ellen; GA Louis Fowler; Bartow, GA No Aortic Aneurism  
Fowler, Rogers Colored 3/31/1927 at Residence Bartow 14 ?? Single Bartow, GA Bartow Texas Wallace Fowler; Bartow, GA John Fowler; Bartow GA No Pneumonia  
Freeman Colored 10/10/1926 Euharlee Drummonds Hill 2 mo NG Single Bartow, GA Euharlee, Nelson Farm Rosa Moore; Bartow, GA Jim Freeman; SC No Unknown  
54 Gates, Sarah White 1-3-1928 Zion Hill Zion Hill About 80 NG Widow GA Rydal NG Lowry Yes NG Had 4 children, all dead; Leaves a number of grandchildren
37 George, Dan Colored 8-26-1927 Emerson Church Bartow 90 NG Widower Cuthbert, GA Emerson Don't Know Don't Know No Old Age Emerson Lodge Good Samaritons #11, insurance
Glover, Emma White NG Euharlee Baptist NG 59 NG Married Bartow, GA NG Nancy Cooper; NC A. B. Harris; NC No NG Wife of Tom Glover, Kingston
59 Gravely, John White 1-15-1928 Ludville Ludville About 72 NG Single Pickens, GA Rydal Don't Know Gravely Yes NG  
45 Griffin, R.L. White 10-8-1927 Residence Market Street Oak Hill 87y, 5mo, 3d Retired Widower AL Residence Market Street Nancy Caiau? Whitworth; GA Richard Griffin; NC Yes NG  
60 Groce, Iris Mable White 1-21-1928 New Zion Near Acworth New Zion 1y, 3mo, 9d NG Single Bartow, GA Cartersville Ella Newberry; Gilmer, GA Leonard Groce; Dekalb, AL No Pneumonia October 12th, 1926; Clyde Groce, 15; Sherman Groce, 11
Harbin, Lilburn B. Colored 2/10/1927 Cartersville, GA Oak Hill 60 Farmer Married Madison, SC Rogers Station Arugan (?) Pink Hardin No Nephritis Life Insurance policy; daughter Mrs. Flrence Ricks, Rome; brother, Tom Harbin, Chattanoooga
57 Harris, John Bill White 1-12-1928 NG NG 22y, 8mo, 18d Mining Married Bartow, GA Parrott Springs Lucy Knight; Bartow, GA Jim Harris; Bartow, GA Yes Accidental Coaches 13th to Macedonia; Relatives: brothers Roy Harris, Cherokee; Ruby Crisp; Mrs J.M. Knight, his grandmother; grandfather Mr. Jim Harris, Emerson
Harris, Mamie Colored 11/5/1926 Rydal, GA Rydal 28 NG Married Pine Log Cartersville, Puckett St Julia Johnson; Bartow GA John Rucker No Childbirth Husband, Frank Harris
43 Hawkins, Jessie Matthews White 10-4-1927 Woodland NG 28y, 10mo Sawyer Single Talbot Co. White, GA Gertrude Matthews; GA John Wm Hawkins; Talbot, GA Yes NG Died at home of his sister Mrs. Wm Alexander; Member of fhe Methodist Church; three brothers, four sisters named in obituary
38 Heath, Herman White 8-29-1927 4 Miile Church, near Tate GA 4 Mile Church 4y 27d NG Single Pickens, GA 209 Postell Olla Colbert; Pickens, GA L. D. Heath; Pickens, GA Yes TB Parents of L. D. Heath, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Heath, Porterdale, GA; Jim Colbert, Pickens Co. father of Mrs. Heath; brothers of L. D.: Olan Heath, City; Dewy Heath, City; Ve? Heath, McConill Farm; Lee Heath, Maxwell Farm.
69 Hooper, James White 3-2-1928 NG NG 2mo, 7d NG NG Bartow, GA Allatoona Mrs. Hooper J. S. Hooper; Bartow, GA No NG  
68 Hufsteller, Marian White 2-24-1928 Fair View Fair View 38d NG Single Bartow, GA Cartersville Dora Gravely; Cherokee, GA Homer Alvin Hufstetler; Cherokee GA No NG  
65 Hufstetler, Catherine White 2-16-1928 Fair View Fair View 3d NG Single Bartow, GA Cartersville Dora Gravely; Cherokee, GA Homer Alvin Hufstetler; Cherokee GA Yes NG  
Hunt, Sophia Elizabeth White 3/29/1927 NG Hunts 77y, 3 mo, 29d House Widow Cobb, GA Stilesboro Martha Green (Hughes); SC J. J. Hughs; SC No NG Husband, Thomas Hunt; Mrs. Hunt leaves H. L., Stilesboro; N. Mark Hunt, Marietta; 1 living sister, Mrs. T. N. Ross, Dallas, GA; 7 grandchildren; membership Baptist Church at Harmony Grove.
Hunt, Willard Vansant White 2/3/1927 Carmel Cherokee Carmel 4y, 1mo, 7d NG Single Cherokee, GA Bartow St, #9 Lula Lee Edwards; Cherokee GA John G. Hunt; Cherokee, GA No Acedosis (?) John David Hunt, 6 years; Hugh Lee Hunt baby 2 years
71 Johnson, Walter Colored 3-8-1928 St. Luke Ave. Oak Hill About 39 NG Married Bartow, GA Knoxville Lula Hendricks; Bartow, GA Wm Johnson No Pneumonia  
Jones, Marion White 7/28/1927 Euharlee Euharlee 15y, 3mo, 28d NG Single Bartow, GA Cartersville, GA Martha Raggins; GA Everette Jones; Gilmer, GA No Brain tumor  
Jones, Robert Lee Colored 11/19/1926 NG Oak Hill 3 mo NG Single City Jones St Katy Williams; Cobb GA Alf Jones; Floyd Co., GA No Bowel Hives  
King, William White 5/23/1927 Near Emerson NG 14 mo None Single Bartow, GA near Emerson NG Etowah King No NG  
72 Martin, Babe White 3-19-1928 Spring Creek Spring Creek About 66 NG Single GA Iron Hill Dist. Don't Know Don't Know No Pneumonia Lived with Mrs. Dawson in Iron Hill Dist.
Mason, Joel Francis White 9/21/1926 J. W. Jones Chapel Oak Hill 80y, 1m, 14d NG Married Edgefield, SC Floyd, GA Francis Rofu Mayson; SC Charles Newton Mayson; SC Yes NG Wife, Camilla Sanford, 3 sons, 1 daughter, 10 grandchildren, 1 great Grandchild
Mattox, Mark Colored 8/19/1927 NG NG about 40 NG Married Social Circle, Walton Co. Atlanta Lizzie Havewood,Lives at Social Circle Hill Mattox No Hit by falling plank  
Neal, James Jack White 3/19/1927 Dewy Dewy 79 Farmer Widower Gilmer, GA White Louisa Stephens; SC Andrew P. Neal; Oconee, SC No Old Age  
64 Patrick, Lizzy Colored 2-12-1928 Home Raccoon About 41 NG Married Bartow, GA Stilesboro Pasion Shelman; VA Edman Patrick; Spartanburg, SC No Changing of Life Burial Benefit Association
58 Posey, Joe Colored 1-13-1928 Powder Springs NG 44 Teamster Widowed Cobb, GA 208 Carter St. Don't know Joe Posey; Cobb. GA No Pneumonia Union Benevolent Aid- City, Fayetteville, GA
42 Puckett, Miss Unk 9-9-1927 Pauper Farm Pauper Farm NG NG NG NG Pauper Farm NG NG Yes NG  
56 Redding, Will Colored Found dead NG NG About 38 Laborer Married NG North Bartow Street NG Sam No Heart Failure Found dead several days; wife Anne Redding; Molly Taylor, sister, Macon GA; Thomas Redding, son; Jamie May Rubuso?, daughter; Richard Rubuso, son-in-law; in charge of body - Sam Taylor, Swan, GA
62 Reed, Lovett Colored 1-22-1928 NG Oak Hill 30y, 6mo, 15d Laborer Married Pike, GA R. R. Street Catherine Price; Jacksonville, FL Geo. Reed; Pike, GA No TB  
44 Richey, Mabell Sullivan Colored 10-7-1927 Grassdale Grassdale 22y, 5mo NG NG NG Grassdale NG NG No NG  
Roberson, Dollie Colored 10/25/1926 NG Oak Hill 80 NG Widow Bartow, GA Moon Street Don't Know Andrew Johnson; SC No Old Age  
Rollins, John Calhoun White 1/4/1927 Kingston Baptist Church Kingston 75y, 2mo, 1d Farmer Married Society Hill, SC Kingston Mary Byrd; Society Hill, SC Rev. Charles Rollins; Society Hill, SC No Pneumonia Wife, Mrs. E. F. Rollins; Children: J. C. Rollins, Jr, Kingston; Mrs. Moultrie Jones, Vonore, TN; Mrs. W. T. Harrison, Shaw??, AL; Mr. Isaac N. Rollins, Kingston; list of pall bearers given
Sanford, Lou White 2/27/1927 Shinall Graveyard Shinall Graveyard 66 Farmer Married NG 6 miles NE of Cartersville Caroline Clarke; GA Joseph McClure; GA No NG Husband Newt Sanford; 2 girls and boy: Mrs. Jack Lord, Miss Susie Sanford, Will
66 Satterville, Maud Reagin White 2-17-1928 Baptist Church Oak Hill 43y, 2mo, 20d Housewife Married Bartow, GA Dr. R. S. Wilson's Hospital Mary Willis Keys, Bartow, GA Ruben Bartow Satterfield Yes ?remia shock operation  
Stephens, Jewell White 4/18/1927 Stamp Creek Church Stamp Creek Church 0 days None Single White, GA White, GA Ada Young; Pickins, GA Homer Stephens; Murry, GA No Stillborn 5 living Children: Katie, Ellen May, Earl, Sallie Bell, Evalen
70 Stewart, Jane Colored 3-6-1928 NG NG About 59 Housewife Married Blakely, GA Emerson Don't Know Don't Know No Kidney trouble Husband, Langly Stewart
Stokes, Charlie Willie Colored 4/21/1927 Mt Olive Church Oak Hill 7y, 9mo, 1d NG Single Coweta, GA Wells ST., #110 Savannah Nelson; AL Lewis Stokes; Coweta, GA No double pneumonia  
Strickland, Harriett Colored 8/15/1927 Mt. Zion Baptist Oak Hill 18y, 3mo, 24d NG Married Bartow, GA Guyton Annie (Conyus) Hopkins; Bartow, GA Jerry Hopkins; Bartow, GA No TB Husband, Earl Strickland; April 22, 1909 (birthdate?)
67 Terrell, Josie Colored 2-20-1928 Baptist Church Oak Hill About 52 Housewife Married Newton, GA Wofford St. #14 Chaney Kay; Jasper, GA Jim Gather; Newton, GA No High Blood Pressure Husband, Pleas Terrell; letter and obituary filmed on this page that do not relate to Josie Terrell.
Williams, Tom White 8/19/1927 Pine Bower Pine Bower 38 Public Works Married Paulding, GA Near Taylorsville Sallie Proctor; Paulding, GA John Williams; Paulding, GA Yes Cancer Leaves wife. Buford (21), Alice (17) married Arthur Jenkins, Ruby (7).
Willingham, Alex White 7/31/1926 Episcopal Church, Cartersville Oak Hill 67 NG Married NG Washington, DC NG NG Yes NG Oak Hill Lot next to Young Lot, Bought from Judge Neel, drawing shown.
39 Wilson, Infant White 8-29-1927 Emerson, GA Emerson 0 NG NG Bartow, GA Emerson Lela Mitchell; Bartow, GA Robert Wilson; Bartow, GA Yes Don't know No Doctor, Mrs. Hightower, midwife
Wofford, Elizabeth Colored 12/30/1926 Bruce St Cartersville 18 mo NG NG Atlanta, GA Bruce St., Cartersville Alberta Wofford; Atlanta Terry Wofford; NG No Pneumonia  
63 Wofford, Emory Unk 1-29-1928 NG Cassville 22y, 5mo, 9d Farming Single Bartow, GA R#3-4 miles west Jno Howels farm Laura Bell Branson; Bartow, GA Anthony Wofford, Bartow, GA No Dropsy  
Young, Anner (sic) White 1/3/1927 Bethel Church, Pickens Co. Bethel Church 74 House work Married SC White, GA, Gibbon's Farm Elizabeth Bertt; SC Jimmy Barrett; SC No Pelegra Husband, Sam Bell Young; lived in GA about 65 years.



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